Social Innovation Fund

Sustainable Communities Initiative, NESTA Social Innovation Fund

The project proposes engaging with 50 rural community buildings across the North East of England. It is a pilot project using community buildings as a catalyst to tackle intractable problems in the rural community

  1. marginalised groups: aged, infirm, disabled, young, isolated
  2. fuel poverty especially in relation to community building use
  3. exploring community solutions to the lack of local public service delivery

All initial work will focus on the Community Building and seek to use energy efficiency measures as a catalyst to demonstrate revenue saving possibilities. This will produce a warmer and more comfortable hub facility in each community. We will then work with the building management and users to demonstrate the benefits of energy efficiency in a practical way: supporting local community building activities and delivering a range of local taster courses and relevant workshops. The aim being to widen the community building user circle, to make the circle aware of its need for inclusivity and as a hub for social justice.

Project Status in October 2013: In planning

For more information please contact: Ross Weddle, Chair, Sustainable Communities Initiative, 07758 800650