HYPODS Citizen Journalism:

Hearing Young People on Development and Sustainability

This project provided young people with the opportunity to learn about documentary making and reportage, whether interested in camera work, sound, editing or presenting. A series of FREE workshops were held starting in March 2013. The programme focused on developing the voice of participants.  Sessions were organised in progressive stages to build confidence and skills within a supportive team environment. The group was mentored by media professionals and functioned as a documentary ‘learning’ crew sharing knowledge and exploring camera, audio, research, interview and presenter roles.

Early sessions developed basic camera, composition and communication competencies. Mid-stages were practice-based and built team awareness, social and functional skills. Later sessions introduced edit decisions for Internet publication. Multi camera event filming required high-level teamwork, which stimulated cooperative behaviour and collective standards

This unique educational framework introduced participants to a range of debates with subjects including community issues, art and politics, energy and the work of Tyneside engineer William Armstrong. The group devised their own questions and solicited opinions from community members, leaders, activists and the general public.

The participatory approach places emphasis on direct engagement and equality of voice. Interviews posted on the Internet form a body of work that is accessible to the group and also the wider public. The work is linked to community and education sites that support open public networks and inclusive participation.

HYPODS was organised by NECTER / RCE North East in partnership with Great North Festival, The Great Debate and Lodestone Studios, and provided documentary-making training for young people currently Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET).

Project Report 2013

As of October 2013, work is in the final stages and will soon be available on the NECTER site. Some HYPODCasts generated during the project can be viewed at http://www.thegreatdebate.org.uk/HYPODCasts01.html HYPODcasts - videos produced by participants of the HYPODS project

Videos from the HYPODS project


If you are under 25 and interested in taking part in programmes like this please get in touch with us at: