Cinema Politica Newcastle

CinemaPolWelcome to Cinema Politica Newcastle. By being part of the Cinema Politica network we can bring to the ‘toon’ an engaging series of evening films and documentaries, many of which few people in the UK have had the opportunity to watch. As part of the CP network, we gain access to hundreds of independent documentaries, which we plan to continue to  screen for many years to come.

Furthermore, we hope to inspire topical dialogue and debate on campus and in the city of Newcastle, on issues which sometimes receive little recognition in the UK. The documentary and fiction films we show are politically activated, where the filmmakers and investigators have often gone to great lengths in order to challenge and document social and environmental issues across the world. Be it the fight against oppressive regimes, environmental devastation by faceless corporations or peoples neglected by society, these films will open your eyes.

Project report 2014

Cinema Politica Newcastle’s activities continue to bring documentary and debate to Newcastle upon Tyne. Since January 2011, around 50 films have been screened and a number of speakers have come to stimulate debate with the audience after the documentaries. Speakers have ranged from academics to activists, and has included a skype discussion which was a first for CPN. Audience numbers continue to average at about 30-40 per screening, which makes for a good dynamic in the discussions. Documentaries this year have included topics such fairtrade coffee, fossil fuel divestment and feminism whilst future films will include media censorship and Robert Mugabe. Finances are stable, with pretty much the only expenditure relating to payment of the screening licence fees to Cinema Politica. There has also been cooperation with NIReS who have helped with speakers and publicity. Screenings are always free and open to the public, although we encourage donations of £1 from the audience.

Screenings continue to occur at the Culture Lab, which provides high quality audio-visual equipment and space for use. Our relations remain strong and there is no charge for our use of these facilities. CPN remains committed to operating as a partner of NECTER, in jointly support the aims of delivering high quality and accessible opportunities for learning and disseminating information on sustainable development to the public.