RCE North East welcomes four new steering committee members at the recently held general meeting on the 8th of July 2015

Ross Weddle

Lilla Preston

Revd Canon Christopher Smith

Craig Smith

UNU Award! 2014

Great Northern Youth Voices  receives an outstanding flagship project award for its contribution  to increasing youth employability by building their confidence and developing their sustainability skills.

Seven Projects in 2014 Annual Report to Global RCE Service Centre

We are pleased to announce seven diverse regional projects were included in this year’s annual report

  1. Colour your Life
  2. Great North Festival
  3. The North East Calendar
  4. Great northern youth voices
  5. ETUDE (Engineering Transmission Using Deliberative Events)
  6. Cinema Politica Newcastle
  7. NEET Network UK [NNUK]
NECTER / RCE North East Elects New Director

We are delighted to announce that NECTER / RCE North East has a new director, Dr Stephen Clough, Honorary Fellow in the School of Education, Durham University. Stephen was elected unanimously by all those present at our Annual General Meeting held on 17th October 2013.

Two other appointments were made at the meeting: Frances Sule (formerly Enearu) was elected Secretary of NECTER in addition to her current role as Continuing Professional Development Coordinator and Cllr Gareth Kane was elected onto the committee, both by unanimous vote. Dr Caspar Hewett, who stood down as Director after two years, agreed to remain on the committee in an advisory role.

We could not be more pleased to welcome these new members to the committee and are looking forward to an exciting future for NECTER and the RCE.October 2013

14 Projects in Annual Report to Global RCE Service Centre

October is reporting time to the Global RCE Service Centre at UNU IAS and we are pleased to announce that we had 14 projects included in the 2013 report covering a diverse range of topics, educational approaches and partners. Further details can be found on the project pages:

  1. The Academy for Possible Futures
  2. Brighter Futures Together
  3. Cinema Politica Newcastle
  4. Colour Your Life with Arts on Prescription
  5. Drama in the Dale
  6. Explore
  7. Great North Festival
  8. the great northern debate
  9. great northern youth voices
  10. HYPODS
  11. The North East Calendar
  12. Our Food
  13. Saarang
  14. Social Innovation Fund

Thanks are due to all our project partners for delivering such an excellent set of projects over the last year. October 2013