Lilla Preston

Lilla has a new role at North East Business and Innovation Centre (NE-BIC) and is Special Projects Manager. This post also involves Lilla managing the Marketing & Communications. NE-BIC is a not for profit enterprise and its mission is to build success in the North East region. Operating since 1994, NE-BIC has supported the development and growth of SMEs, innovative entrepreneurs and start-ups. It has helped to create over 7,000 jobs and is home to over 140 businesses. NE-BIC is based in Sunderland and it has announced today that the organisation is expanding with the launch of a new Centre in Washington. Lilla is very knowledgeable about innovation and she works extremely hard in her support of SMEs. She has extensive contacts in the North East as well as overseas. An example of Lilla’s contacts is her involvement in the European Business & Innovation Centre Network (EBN). This EU wide organisation fits well with our own global network.