2013 Events

TGD15BannerWhiteBorderDecline and Fool: Changing Ideas in the Twenty Teens Saturday, 9th November 2013 Newcastle University


Decline and Fool was a day of active debate and documentary-making being held as part of ESRC Festival of Social Science. Participants were invited to take a critical look at the declining influence of ideas that have dominated politics, philosophy and the arts since the 1990s. The day  included a documentary-making training workshop for young people, who were encouraged to video their thoughts, and had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience of working behind and in front of the camera. Debates on Environmental retreat and After the fall? were held as part of the day. Click here for full details.

Part of ESRC Festival of Social Science, organised by The Great Debate in association with Newcastle Institute for Social Renewal and NECTER.

NECTER Annual General Meeting 2013

The NECTER AGM was held on 17th October 2013 in Room G.27, Devonshire Building, Newcastle University. Click here for minutes.

The AGM is open to all NECTER members and is a great opportunity to hear what other people have been up to, share experiences, tell everyone about your projects and find potential partners for new projects.

Great North Festival Debates April – November 2013

The Great North Festival organized an eight month series of debates throughout the region in partnership with NECTER and The Great Debate.

10am-1pm, Saturday, Nov 30th International Centre for Life Newcastle upon Tyne

Identity and Change: Has this year of festivals helped the region to discover a sense of identity and new hope for the future? The leaders of the various festivals addressed these questions in the year’s final debate. Go to Great North Festival website to book. The morning included some short films made by participants of the NECTER project HYPODS under the direction of Jackie Scollen.

7:30pm, Wednesday, Nov 13th The Maltings Berwick upon Tweed

On the Edge: The North East is an isolated area of England. How might the coming Scottish referendum – however the people vote – benefit the North East? Speakers from Scotland, the North East and Berwick debated the issues.

7:30pm, Friday, Oct 18th Murray Library Sunderland University

Waking the Dawn: A debate in honour of Emily Davison in her centenary year and Ellen Wilkinson, one striving for change by direct action, the other by representative politics: the debate reflected on how we might awaken a new dawn. Go to Great North Festival website for more information.

10am-1pm, Saturday, Sept 21st St Mary’s, Chester-le-Street

Northumbria Stories: In a pluralist society, what are the spiritual stories/texts which might make for a compassionate society today? Representatives from Christian, Moslem, Jewish and Secular traditions reflected on the stories which inform our culture – the discussion was held in the place where the Lindisfarne Gospels were, and the English translation made, for 100 years.

Wednesday, June 19th, Cragside

Water and wind – Can renewables deliver? Panel debate looking at a variety of ways in which energy can be obtained from water and wind and asking how much of our future energy requirements they can provide. With Cat Button, Newcastle University; Jonathan Hughes, The National Renewable Energy Centre (NaREC); Richard Murray, Northumbrian Water.

Saturday, April 13th, Newcastle Civic Centre

Embracing the Future Visions for the Future of the North East: The North East has a unique and remarkable past, notably as a hotbed of innovation from the Industrial Revolution to the end of the 20th Century. Today, much of the industry of the past has gone and unemployment is unacceptably high. However, there is still much to celebrate: Education in the North East is second to none, expertise is varied, new industries are being attracted to the region and our famous hospitable culture brings visitors from far and wide. So, what does the future hold for the region? How can we capitalise on our strengths? Speakers: Catherine McKinnell, MP for Newcastle North; Musa Hassan Ali, West End Refugee Service; Chair: Caspar Hewett. Great North East Youth: Given the proud history of the North East how can we ensure that the twenty first century is also marked by greatness? Young people have to play a key part the region’s future, so what does inspire young people today? Where should we be looking and what should we be doing now to ensure that the future of the region is better than the present? Speakers: Paul Frew, Chair, Newcastle Student Union Debating Society; Hannah Underwood, Chief Executive, KeyFund. Chair: Lucy Probert