Lodestone Studios


Lodestone Studios was founded in 2002 by Jackie Scollen. Jackie is youth work and teacher trained, has a degree in Fine Art and an MA in video and broadcast TV. She has collaborated with academics, architects, community developers, teachers, trainers, youth services and charities to produce people-centered participatory workshops, community consultation, research and marketing videos

Jackie’s background in creative education spans 20 years, much of which has engaged young people in thinking about their place and finding their voice in the world. Using documentary, drama and the arts to explore issues such as environment, diversity, integration, bullying, inclusion, mental health, young families, and anti-social behaviour, her workshops aim to be inclusive and fun. She regards Media production as an excellent tool to develop collaborative learning skills while achieving personalised learning goals.

Other projects include commercial productions for business, theatre and the arts. Her work has shown on BBC2, Sky TV and at national and international festivals including Glastonbury, Latitude and The Big Chill. In recent years she has worked on environmental projects with schools and NGO’s in West Africa.